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The 2nd edition is here: Better, prettier, more!

The second edition of the widely discussed book by Niels now features a new, 16-page bonus chapter (previously available only with the deluxe edition). Thicker paper. And a new, much improved ebook. The price: Remains just the same!


Buy the 2nd edition now, through this website, and soon on Amazon!


Mindful. Edgy. Fun.

This is a book unlike most others. It is incredibly to the point. Visualized and fully colored. Practically theoretic. Inspiring. Featuring cutting-edge insights. And enormously entertaining.


The book´s first readers have thus given it a big thumbs up. Add on that a seminar format that is hugely engaging and that has been designed and tested by Niels throughout 2 years, while teaching at several universities and facilitating courses. That is Organize for Complexity.


If you are a blogger, a journalist, a social media maverick: ask for a review copy of the book.

Worldwide editions

Organize for Complexity is a compact, new and exciting book about work, leadership, and organizational transformation in the age of complexity.


It is already available in English, German, and Portuguese. It will soon be published in Spanish and French (September/October 2014). Further editions, such as in Korean, are currently being prepared. Learn more about the book and the book campaign.


An international team of experienced advisors and facilitators can assist you in running seminars for you, or with embedding Organize for Complexity in your development programs.


Organize for Complexity is also a 1- to 3-day seminar, and a methodology for organizational or leadership development  programs in firms of all industries and sizes.


Niels Pflaeging and his international team of peers have extensive experience in designing and delivering seminars and programs globally. Customized to your need. Your situation. Your language. Your team. Your company.

We make use of cutting-edge learning didactics and a dizzying variety of intervention formats.


Learn more about Organize for Complexity seminars and programs here.


"Organize for Complexity is the essential handbook for management in the network era."

"Niels has managed to distill the essential components of organizational development, leadership, and management into a single, short, clear volume that is easy to read and understand. It aligns with the principles of wirearchy and connected leadership and is a welcome addition to management thinking. At a very reasonable price, every company should just buy several copies, read them, and see how they can implement these ideas. In complexity, there are no cookie cutter solutions, but this is the best cook book to keep on hand."

Harold Jarche

Forthcoming keynotes & seminars.

27/09/2016, Geneva/CH - Innotribe@Sibos, Sibos Conference, workshop on "Organize for Complexity"

28/09/2016, Montreal/CA - ACI conference, half-day leadership workshop "Organize for Complexity"

29/09/2016, Montreal/CA - 1-day Change Clinic: "Organize for Complexity", organized by AliterConcept

20/10/2016, everywhere - OnAgile virtual conference, session on "Organize for Complexity" at 9.00am EST

24/10/2016, Oslo/NO - SMIDIG Conference, with a keynote on "Organize for Complexity & Agile"

24/10/2016, Helsinki/FI - HRx Conference, with a closing keynote on "Organize for Complexity & HR"

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