About the seminar

High-impact. High learning.

Organize for Complexity: a 1-day or 2-day seminar featuring key content of the book - and how to apply it.

The starting-point into your learning journey.

  • For groups of 7 to unlimited!
  • Target audience: Entrepreneurs and business owners, managers, change agents, consultants, young and experienced professionals will all benefit from this seminar. Independent of industry, backgrounds, specialization and types of organization (for-profit, not-for-profit, governmental).
  • Duration: 1 day to 3 full days (depending on local organizer, local preference and market).
  • "No PowerPoint" principle: No slides of any kind are used throughout the seminar. The seminar is instead structured around a coherent, but not entirely pre-set sequence of "thinking tools" from the book. All thinking tools are briefly introduced and visualized by the facilitator, and then debated. The method provides for a very high level of interaction and discussion, as well as manifold learning intensity - guaranteed!
  • 4-5 powerful group interventions per seminar day.
  • Each participant receives a copy of the Organize for Complexity book  as part of the inscription fee.
  • Participant fees may vary from location to location, due to local format, organizer and market conditions.

If you want to organize a seminar with Niels in your city, for your network, assocation, company or client, get in touch to discuss possible dates, formats, and fees!

Get in touch with Niels and his team if you want to become a "cool friend" to deliver the seminar in your country, or language.

The international network of Organize for Complexity experts

Niels Pflaeging -

New York/USA, Wiesbaden/Germany


English, German, Spanish, Portuguese

Lars Vollmer,

Hannver/Germany, Barcelona/Spain


German, English

Valérya Carvalho -

Sao Paulo/Brazil



Silke Hermann

Wiesbaden and Berlin/Germany


German, English

Winald Kasch -



German, English

Forthcoming keynotes & seminars.

27/09/2016, Geneva/CH - Innotribe@Sibos, Sibos Conference, workshop on "Organize for Complexity"

28/09/2016, Montreal/CA - ACI conference, half-day leadership workshop "Organize for Complexity"

29/09/2016, Montreal/CA - 1-day Change Clinic: "Organize for Complexity", organized by AliterConcept

20/10/2016, everywhere - OnAgile virtual conference, session on "Organize for Complexity" at 9.00am EST

24/10/2016, Oslo/NO - SMIDIG Conference, with a keynote on "Organize for Complexity & Agile"

24/10/2016, Helsinki/FI - HRx Conference, with a closing keynote on "Organize for Complexity & HR"

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