About the book

A book about complexity and work - and about how to deal productively with both.

A condensed introduction to the theory and practice of organizational high performance.

A manifesto for contemporary leadership and profound transformation in organizations of all kinds.


This is a business book unlike most others. It is concise and incredibly to the point. It is fully illustrated, and fully colored.* It is “practically theoretic”, featuring cutting-edge insight. It proposes new language for a new way of work and organizations. And it trying not to bore you! A book that will appeal to business book addicts and “non-readers” alike.


This is Niels Pflaeging´s 4th book - his first to become available internationally, and in some of the world´s most widely spoken languages. English, Portuguese and German (where it became a bestseller with more than 10.000 copies sold), as well as Turkish.


Buy the fully colored Paperback Edition, now with bonus chapter, or the eBook Editions for both the Kindle and iTunes.  Order the book through Amazon.com, through this website or any of your preferred online or offline booksellers. The book comes at a highly accessible price at around USD 12.99/EUR 12,99/GBP 8,99.

Download the free sample chapter!

Organize for Complexity. Free book chapter "Complexity: Why it matters to work and organizations“
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Portuguese Edition free book chapter: "Complexidade: porque ela é importante para trabalho e organizações"
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What others say

"At a very reasonable price, every company should just buy several copies, read them, and see how they can implement these ideas." Harold Jarche


"In Pflaegings book, the network organization gains contour. All that is beautifully visualized. In short, Niels Pflaeging shows how to build the New Organization, encouraging us to begin building it. It´s the agenda 2014, if you will." changeX


"Very inspiring, highly likeable format. This book is fun!"

"To me, even after this brief period, the book has become a frequently consulted source informing my work".


"A book that comes handy, easy to read, but without being fuzzy or unprecise. It presents a credible big picture of contemporary Organizational Development. "


5-star rating on Amazon.de.

More about the book

Niels´ white paper Organize for Complexity has been a hit with readers online for quite a while. Today, it counts more than 40.000 views on Slideshare. And that´s just the English language version: A few weeks after the French translation of the paper got published, it had already attracted some 6.000 views. There are further versions of the paper in Dutch, Spanish, and Portuguese.


All of that made Niels think a lot about a proper way of publishing this material in his native tongue, German. And also, how to bring the book into the realm of more traditionally-minded folks, and the less internet-savvy. Finally (with a little help from his friends) he decided to turn Organize for Complexity into a full-fledge book, with around twice the content of the white papers. So prepare for some fresh and whopping concepts, and two largely new chapters on leadership and transformation.

Forthcoming keynotes & seminars.

27/09/2016, Geneva/CH - Innotribe@Sibos, Sibos Conference, workshop on "Organize for Complexity"

28/09/2016, Montreal/CA - ACI conference, half-day leadership workshop "Organize for Complexity"

29/09/2016, Montreal/CA - 1-day Change Clinic: "Organize for Complexity", organized by AliterConcept

20/10/2016, everywhere - OnAgile virtual conference, session on "Organize for Complexity" at 9.00am EST

24/10/2016, Oslo/NO - SMIDIG Conference, with a keynote on "Organize for Complexity & Agile"

24/10/2016, Helsinki/FI - HRx Conference, with a closing keynote on "Organize for Complexity & HR"

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